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Alphabetical Standard colors are listed beside each scent

Absinth™ (absinth green)
Luscious Anise and wormwood will send you to another era and beg you to dance with the green fairy. Not for drinking! (Note: If you order this scent in Dark Green you will receive Absinth Green instead, the same color as the actual Liquor)

Amber Velvet™ (dark purple)
A deep amber softened with a layer of tender velvet and a touch of citrus-y bergamot and vanilla.

Apparition™ (dark purple)
The Madame of the Manor has decided to make her appearance. A sophisticated, feminine, and haunting blend of a time long forgotten with sweet ginger plums amplified by a strong black tea and soft, fragrant marigolds.

Arachne's Garden™ (dark purple)
A mysterious floral garden with some dewy spider webs thrown in for good measure.

Attention Whore™ (hot pink)
This scent will rev you up with a big dose of cappuccino spiked with Irish cream liqueur, and a sugar high from a warm sensuous custard crème brûlée!

Ballsy Broad™ (black)
This bold scent is comprised of German chocolate cake with a warm melted center, baked in and topped with sweet coconut shavings.

Black Rose™ (black)
The rarest of florals, a fragrant bouquet of black roses with a subtle yet haunting dark undercurrent.

Bonfire™ (dark orange)
A fiery autumn blend with top notes of Incense and Orange, middle notes of Eucalyptus and Vetiver, and bottom notes of Amber and Nutmeg. Complex and invigorating!

Clove (black)
A strong and intense fresh clove, true to the actual herb.

Coffin™ (dark purple)
It's a dead ringer! A bit of old rotting wood with a bit of earth underscored with a masculine lavender to give it some "body".

Crypt Moss™ (dark green)
Sweet oak moss clinging to an earthy base and a touch of wood spice.

Dark Carnival™ (black)
This scent will evoke images of dark laughter, midway games, freaky side shows, and seedy characters! A blend of Warm caramel popcorn, nutty candy apples, and fluffy cotton candy. This scent is not for eating - although you just might be tempted!

Dracula™ (dark red)
Like a fine wine he only gets better with age. Add a touch of aged merlot with some Turkish spices sweetened with masculine musk. It's a sexy scent with a bite to it!

Erotica™ (dark red)
A sexy cherry, patchouli, floral and sandalwood blend.

Falling Leaves™ (dark orange)
Crisp forest leaves drifting down on a cool winter night. A scent that compliments the season of Autumn. Woody, earthy, and crisp.

Forbidden Fruit™ (dark red)
The sweet and fruity scent of pure pomegranate, the fruit of the underworld.

Graveyard™ (black)
An old forlorn, crumbling cemetery with strong tones of wet earth blended with a hint of Frankincense and a touch of myrrh.

Haunted House™ (black)
A spellbinding blend of haunting forest woods, spooky spices and the witch's little dark secret. A dark sensual fragrance with a musky quality.

Holy Water™ (bone white)
A fresh, light blend of heavenly air, like a crisp storm before the rain. Add some faith and this potion can ward off those blood thirsty vampiric predators. (This scent was previously sold under the name Silver Bullet™)

Ice Queen™ (bone white)
This scent is cool, crisp, light, and aloof with a sweetly tart grapefruit which is lightly blended with crushed ginger, figs, and a touch of orchid blooms to soften and round out the scent.

Leather (black)
Smells just like leather, clean, rich and deep, but not too overpowering.

Lilith™ (dark red)
Very feminine and sexy. A blend of succulent raspberries and a deep natural patchouli.

Liquored-Up Tart™ (hot pink)
This scent is a succulent recipe for a flaky pastry tart filled with caramelized apples which have been sautéed in champagne and butter, dashed with cinnamon, and finally the tart is topped with butter cream frosting. Everybody loves a Liquored-Up Tart!

Nosferatu™ (black)
Deep, mysterious, and masculine - packed with Arabian Spices, Turkish oils, and Indian resins. This is a dark spicy scent reminiscent of the 1930's Nosferatu.

Unscented (black)

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